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  • This is just....wow

    02 April 2016

  • Camping is Gread

    13 March 2016

    After you start camping there is absolutely no going back. I love outdoor camping and i am also camping for quite some time. I remember the first time my parents had taken me camping, and i will tell you, it was amazing. The greatest experience ever was...

  • Top 5 Futuristic Tech Inventions

    13 March 2016

  • Spelt Rugelach with Homemade Plum Jam

    13 March 2016 ( #Recipes, #Baking, #Pastry, #Rugelach, #Smitten Kitchen, #Spelt, #Plum, #Jam, #Jewish )

    My in-laws (who live in Mumbai) have been staying with us for a few weeks now and as you can imagine it's been challenging. Sharing your home with elderly people who come from a completely different cultural background, have strict eating habits (they...

  • Report: My visit to Professional Beauty Exhibition 2016 in London

    13 March 2016 ( #Nails Supreme, #OPI, #IBD, #All That Jazz )

    Hello lovelies, I didn't plan to make a report from this year's Professional Beauty Exhibition in London but I've had quite a few poeple asking me about it so here it is, my photo report including my haul! My day started early morning on Sunday 28th February...

  • A life of Tea

    13 March 2016 ( #tea )

    I'm loosening up the content of my blog but keeping the title because at the end of the day tea always finds it's way into most aspects of my life whether it's a simple cuppa while I write or photographing a rare and exclusive loose leaf tea from another...